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The tortoise project is something that has taken the news world by a storm. After a long period of many new rooms popping now and then, one can say that the arena is about to shift. There will be one that delivers what people want to know. The tortoise project understands that every story shared should have an impact on the listener. Therefore, it aims at releasing about five news on a daily basis. In addition to that, the team would review a book and the stories every few months.
That is not all that makes this project stand out. The team behind it is also remarkable. One of the team members is Katie Vanneck-Smith. She was once the President of The Wall Street Journal. The other one is Matthew Barzun who has served as the UK Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Last but not least, there is James Harding who has worked as not only the Editor of The Times but also a great contributor at the BBC News. With such great minds, one wouldn’t imagine a better experience.
That explains why the campaign is doing very well. As far as Kickstarter is concerned, it also has enormous support. Everyone wants to be part of it. If the Tortoise project were to be a success, there would light at the end of the tunnel. News would stop being noise automatically. If you want to support the course, Euncoin is offering that precisely. All you need is to visit http://euncoin.com, create an account and register a wallet.


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