Ever thought of something that looks groundbreaking in paper but as soon as the idea gets fleshed out you automatically realize that you don’t really need it?
Say hello to Ily.
Now, the idea behind Ily is simple. We use our phones, tablets, and even laptops to contact our loved ones far away through VoIP software like Skype. The people behind Ily thought that “if we do this on an everyday basis, why don’t we create a gadget specifically created for video-calling?”
At this point you might be telling yourself that this is a good idea and that this would probably take the world by storm.
But as soon as you realize that the gadget we are talking about is a bulky 200$ iPad wannabe then you realize how everything was much better when you were still using your phone.
Don’t get me wrong, the Ily is useful for the target demographic that includes kids and the elderly. It offers a safe and user-friendly interface for anybody to use. It also has a number of apps available to make using it even easier for people who are on the go like the Alexa app. If you have 200$ to spare for a Skype machine then Ily is great but if you think otherwise, I bet your smartphone will do better.



Original video from the campaign

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