This product caught my attention from “surfboards for a shared planet”, a surfboard that’s made from 100% recycled materials mostly from styrofoams and scrap plywoods, an eco-friendly product that helps reduce unwanted materials to a usable item. The company’s advocacy of creating a surfboard out from scratch and helping the environment reduce in one way or the other its wastes is simply amazing, unfortunately there are two downsides of the product: first, it is a $600.00 dollar surfboard which is way to expensive for a recycled item. second, it is a do it yourself kit. meaning, you assemble the surfboard. In a consumers perspective, price matters, for a $600.00 dollar eco-friendly surfboard I could get two ready made boards without the hassle of putting the pieces together and can ride the waves in a snap. unlike the do it yourself, this could take two to three days before it can be used, considering sticking the parts and letting it dry or how its going to be assembled. Basically, the product is good but the company has to take into consideration the price and its usability. If only they could lessen the price and from a do it yourself kit to a ready to use item this would be salable to the surfing community.


Original video from the campaign

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