Our review

Smart Harness is a product said to “revolutionize the way we walk our dogs.” It is basically a dog leash designed as a harness that has two interchangeablehandles and a built-in, retractable cord. You have the option to change the grip of the leash from the standard handle to a rubber one. Other than that, you can just grab it from the dog’s back and walk him without any other hassle. The advertisement even suggested that you could keep the harness on him at all times. It’s easy for the owners, but how about the pets? Smart Harness may not be what’s best for your pup. Since the product is designed to go around the body of the dog, it may not be comfortable for him to always walk around in it. It has a plastic container for the cord on the back so it can hurt your pet especially for when it lies down. Another issue that was pointed out was how it may not be suitable for training and disciplining. A quick tug on his neck will be able to signal him to stop any misbehavior, but you cannot do this with the harness. Overall, Smart Harness is a convenient product for the human, but for the dog?

Not recommended.



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