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I don’t often organized pool parties but the next time I do, I would definitely love to have that product.   I think I would like two and keep one on the boat and one in the pool.   They just started this campaign 24 hours ago and raised $6000 as I’m writing this article.   Personally I think it’s a great product, the developer behind it seemed very serious.   The page is very well constructed, they have multiple videos and images, the product seem ready for production, the rewards are very straightforward and the price is reasonable, Especially the early bird promo, which still have spots available.

I’m sure this campaign will be very successful, of course, will see.  But I’m listing this in one of my prediction section and I will make another video at the end of this campaign and see if I was right.   Great idea, especially that you can recharge your cell phones, that’s really smart.  I wish you luck anyway, but I don’t think you’ll need!

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