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As you know, we normally do tech reviews, but a brain supplement that works was too hard to pass.  Of course, by the owner’s own admission, their pills is not going to give you the ninja powers displayed in the movie Limitless, but with the research that they linked on their website, a 30 % increase in overall brain power is something that I can believe.  Their repeat customers seem also to agree with these numbers.

Basically, they have 3 pills; MXEL Edge that gives you a 10-15 % increase without any crash at the end of the day like most nootropic pills would.  MXEL Booster, a 4 pills compound that will give you a sharp boost like a Modafinil would.  Modafinil would also make you crash at the end of the day when the effects wear off.  The advantage with MXEL Booster is that it cost only 3$ per dose, as oppose to 24$ for Modafinil.  Bloody expensive for virtually the same results as MXEL Booster.

The last one is MXEL Shield, it uses a huge amount, about 2g of Lion’s Mane extract.  That mushroom is the only one that have been known to stimulate nerve growth and improve cognition and memory recall.  It is also very expensive, more than 600$ a kilo.

The final price is leaving us with the last point on our list.  Are MXEL supplements within reasonable price range?  I’ll have to say, yes, they are, but at the high price point.  However, they do have 4 to 5 times more pills and active ingredients than the leading brand.  They are also made in the US and Canada respectively.  That ensures the quality and the integrity of the ingredients.


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