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When technology meets art, appreciation is necessary. If someone thinks about that, something like Mui interactive wood panel is likely to cross his mind. It is one of the campaigns on Kickstarter right now. Did you know that it is way better than the likes of OLED screens and Forget E Ink? You never run out of options when it comes to its importance. You can check not only the news as well as the weather but also gain full control of your smart move. In addition to that, you can not only send but also receive messages. Equally important, it connects to smart home services such as Sonos, Philip Hue, Amazon Echo and Google home among others.
Its design matches almost every home décor. Therefore, it adds beauty to your home and at the same time set the temperature and control lighting just but to mention a few of its excellent services. Its compatibility is incredible when it comes to Net LED and Philips Hue light bulbs. All the beneficiaries of this fantastic product have Nissha to thank. The Kyoto-based company has undoubtedly worked tirelessly to see to it that this incredible idea saw the light of the day.
Such an experience is priceless. That’s why supporting it can be the ideal way of being a part of something this great. With the help of Euncoin, That can be a walk in the park. If you pledge $45 and more, you get yourself a mui cutting board plus 4,500 coins. There is even a better deal. Donate $500 and get the mui interactive wood panel and up to 50,000 coins.
It is important to note that once it starts shipping, the price will go up to $999. In addition to that, the buyer will have to wait until September 2019 for its release. If you aren’t a fan of such but still want to be a contributor to this great campaign, Euincoin also got your back. You get a coin every time to donate $1. The requirement is creating an account and then grab your wallet. Euncoin, as usual, makes everything win-win situations for all the parties.



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