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This MAKERphone DIY which is currently one of the Kickstarter campaigns is intriguing. Many people find pride in the type of phone that they use. However, this aspect is slowly fading away due to many mobile users. Nowadays, a phone’s launch can happen today and find a crowd of people using that tomorrow morning. Fortunately, MAKERphone DIY is giving a cellphone much importance. With it, you can not only learn to code but also teach yourself how to develop a smartphone.
The thought of that is exciting especially if you are a DIY. Isn’t it boring to be a passive consumer? One wouldn’t know until he or she experiences the satisfaction that comes with building something yourself. I this case, Albert Gajsak wants you to learn how to create your mobile phone. The fact that he has had another successful project in the past, Makerbuino, means that there is not too much at risk. Surprisingly, the idea of MAKERphone DIY came before the Makerbuino despite being implemented after it.
It is Arduino-based. The kit has all you need to assemble a phone. For example antenna, sound module, LCD screen, GSM module, dual-core processor as well as a circuit board. Its functionality includes sending text messages and making calls. You can also learn programming languages and how to develop a game. When it comes to the design, it wouldn’t be something a minimalist would go for. Nevertheless, the size is something one can compromise because the benefits make the phone worthy.
You can grab it by contributing $100 as you wait for its shipment to commence in March 2019. That could be a lot to spend if you have a tight budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to exclude yourself if you want to support the campaign. By paying $5 on this campaign, you get 500 coins in return from Euncoin. Upon registering an account and creating a wallet, you will receive them right away.



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