Lumen Knight, seem to be an industrial light bulb. I think that’s wrong because Kickstarter is mostly comprise of people like you and me that are doing business or may work for businesses, the point is we normally buy things for our personal usage.

They predicted here that it’ll last for 30 years, that’s their prediction, they don’t have scientific proof. The other point is the light bulb is Twenty Bucks in Australia. If you need to have it in the United States, Canada or Europe it’s very expensive to ship.

The problem is that when you’re in Australia you have again a technology that is only $20 the shipping will eat you up, and again the product is 20 bucks, the guy needs 20,000 Australian Dollars or 150,000 USD.

That’s a lot of light bulb to get that amount so that’s an issue as well, that’s why I’m telling you one thing I’m gonna come back in 48 days and we will see where that campaign will be.

This should be in a Home Depot and you know like a supplier of an industrial product, not on Kickstarter so we’ll come back in 48 days and find out where he’s at this campaign. But I predict that the campaign will be a failure and that’s that, but anyways this is my prediction.


Original video from the campaign

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