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I love taking pictures at night, of course I do not have a satellite, so all I can do is take them from the ground as my drone does not have a very good night camera.

Essentially that campaign will make the equivalent of a Google map, but at night instead of during the day.   What I like about the project, is that they are taking existing libraries of photos taken over the years by astronauts and using those to make a complete picture of the Earth at night.   The risk of the project is very minimal, as they are not talking about launching satellites or weather balloon to take the photos.   All they need is money to sort the 300,000 photos available already and make a mosaic of the Earth with these images.

I think it’s a good idea.   There is also an environmental component to the project and that too is very appealing to me.   I think the project should be encouraged and contributed to.

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