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This was a very easy review to make.  Kalab’s page on KickStarter, has virtually nothing on it.  Even worse, whoever started this campaign even mentioned that he would not reveal anything about the app, saying “I am unable to reveal any further details on the specifics of the application and its usage.”

That statement is relatively crazy, considering he has not described anything to begin with and has no videos.  If you want to receive $25,000 from backers, you better give the details so people can make an educated decision.

Also, he is not describing the team and even the rewards are pretty much all the same from 5$ to 5,000$.   The highest reward being, becoming a partner, but even that has no description of what the partnership would be and what benefit you would receive.  Personally I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

In conclusion, stay away from that one.

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