The AirJamz is a bracelet with a gyroscope that creates music. It’s innovative, fun and inexpensive, so making music with family and friends is made easy, affordable and exciting.
This is developed by an established company that has already released a product in the market and has a wide customer-base. The product page looks legit and is presented well. The video seamlessly shows the perks of what the AirJamz has to offer.
It comes at a price of $100 which would be quite a stretch for some who’d rather spend their money on something else, but it’s overall, it’s a cool gadget that you can have fun with. You can make music with family and friends, or if you have kids at home, you can start teaching them how to create their own music since this is an easy-to-use gadget.
Another great thing about this product is, placing an order is quite easy. You simply need to choose from the options presented and your AirJamz will be delivered in the shipping schedule provided.
The downside of the AirJamz is that most people find that they would play with it for a while, but will eventually get tired of it and throw it away. But if you’re someone who wants a cool musical toy to play around with, the AirJamz is definitely perfect for you.


Original video from the campaign

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